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iSampling Programs: Maximizing All Of Your Digital Platforms

The iSampling Solution is a new digital platform from Arcade that allows consumers who engage with your brand in a digital environment to request product samples and have them delivered to their home in a matter of days.

This turnkey business solution delivers strategy, customer acquisition, sampling programs, email support and total campaign measurement, designed to work in parallel with your brand’s existing social, digital and offline marketing strategy.

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Arcade’s iSampling Program
The iSampling Program helps turn your social media presence and digitial communications into an efficient sales and customer aquisition platform. Our turnkey solution cost-effectively delivers samples of your products to consumers who have requested them in as quick as a few days.

  • Support your existing Social, Digital and Offline efforts
  • Develops a one-to-one relationship with your brand, initiated by consumers
  • Creates a referral program within each campaign, which lets your consumers promote your brand directly with their friends. A referral is the single most significant, driver of purchase intent
  • Collects important data that helps you analyze programs across channels
  • Generates detailed customer profiles, including Facebook "Likes"
    that drives ongoing engagement with your brand

Arcade’s iSampling PLUS program
The iSampler Plus key objectives are:

  • 1)

    Deliver product samples directly to your consumer base

  • 2)

    Support increased sales by providing A/B testing, cross brand and category sampling and measurement

  • 3)

    Develop a longer term sampling strategy as new consumers join your existing database.

  • Builds one-to-one relationships with consumers that are highly personalized
  • Generates new sources of revenue from hard-to-reach consumers
  • Enables manufacturers to include gift or other incentives to improve campaign performance
  • Supports building detailed customer profiles that can be used for future re-marketing and ongoing customer engagement
  • Provides advanced tracking and measurement of marketing initiatives across channels
  • Increases the relevancy of your offers to consumers